5 Tips For Better Music Mixing

pin 5 Tips For Better Music Mixing

Tip 1 Make the Instruments Thin Solo

The goal of a mix is to make several instruments collaborate, so in a complete mix, most of the instruments will sound thin solo. When one track buries another, it’s better to thin down the controling track than to fatten up the buried track. (Example: Sidechain EQ in FL Studio tutorial).

Suggestion 2 Usage Mono Sounds for a Stereo Mix

Making all the mixer tracks mono, as strange as it sounds, helps due to the fact that panning mono tracks left and best adds up to a clear stereo mix. And if you select a few sounds to be stereo they will jump out beastly because the remainder of the mix is clear and basic.

Pointer 3 FX Plugins Can not Improve Sound Quality

Plugins can change a sound dramatically but one thing they cannot do is make a sample from a laptop mic seem like it originated from a condenser microphone. A low quality synth sound played through a high-quality eq and reverb will not end up being a high-quality sound, and if you’re trying to hide a noise in your mix by burying it with plugins (we’ve all done this) it might be better simply to remove it.

Tip 4 Make an Extremely Small Favorites Folder

Picture having the top 1 percent of your preferred kick drums from all your libraries in one single folder, and your leading 20 lead synths in another. As long as you’re callous and super-selective in exactly what sounds make it into the favorites folder, you’ll be in producer’s paradise whenever you take a seat to make a tune. Whenever I remain in a creative rut however still want to do something music-y I’ll maintain and prune my plugins, samples, and presets.

Idea 5 Remove Plugins that Change Absolutely nothing

This one isn’t actually a paradox, however it’s difficult to adhere to. When mixing, test to see if all those instruments, samples, and results are truly making a discernible distinction in the complete mix. If they aren’t, eliminate them. They may make a difference when the track is solo ‘d, sure, however the only test that matters is how it sounds with everything playing. You might end up with a couple of tracks with no effects plugins on them at all, not even an eq roll-off, which’s all right, maybe the sound manufacturer already did that.