Marketing Tips For Musicians

 Marketing Tips For Musicians

5 Actions to Producing an Effective Music Marketing Plan
Every artist needs a marketing plan. Jon Ostrow writes to Bandzoogle telling artists to start by setting plainly defined goals for your band to keep things on track.

How to take advantage of IG’s 60 second videos
Eric Bernsen takes deeper look into how musicians can start revealing more behind the scenes material utilizing the brand-new function on Instagram.

How and When to post on social media [INFOGRAPHIC] This is a great infographic detailing each and every action you should take for beginning your social networks. It may not be from a music blog site, however often you require a revitalizing take on a seemingly easy subject.

Music Marketing Mistakes and How to Prevent Them
Music Top offers a saucy take on the tired fashion of tossing your music at as many individuals as possible. Take a look at the list at the end of the post about exactly what websites to submit to that’ll give you quality listens, instead of paying to be sent out to a spam box.

Market with $100 dollars
It may appear like you’re throwing money away, however having giveaways for your merch is a great technique to getting some much required social media attention. See the complete list of tips and tricks from Trill Trax.